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Survival / Creative Plots / Factions / + More Soon
[ 24/7 Dedicated ]

 Welcome to Flex-Craft.

This server is a family friendly server that had very nice staff and quality members you see daily. We believe the best experience is when chat is not to crazy. We have a very cool plugin installed to enable everyone to use the cross server feature within our network. We have set up one global channel and we will add more as its needed.

Flex-Craft is a network of server hosted on a Dedicated server with 32GB of memory and 2x128GB SSD’s in raid 1. We strive to have a lag free experience for everyone. Our servers are Survival which is our main server, Creative Plots, & Factions PVP. When you first connect to the server you will be connect to our main Survival server and asked to accept the rules before you move on. There are four pages of rules and each server has there own set of rules that you must follow.

-------------- Flex-Craft Server Rules --------------

-------- Thease Rules Are For All Our Servers! --------

No using any types of Hacks or Mods.
Don;t ask Staff for Items.
No asking for Staff/OP!
Be mature and reasonable.
Respect all Flex-Craft Members.
Dont excessively swear, spam, or cause disruption in chat.
Dont go into obscene stuff. No discussing porn, sex, etc.
Dont get offensive/start flame wars about race, religion,
sexuality, etc.

-------------- Survival Server Rules --------------

Griefing is strictly forbidden!
No Full Caps Messages
No 1x1 Towers
No Builds Near Spawn

-------------- Faction Server Rules --------------

Only rules you must follow are the main Flex-Craft
Server Rules that apply to all servers

-------------- Creative Server Rules --------------

Do NOT build permanent redstone clocks. They will be destroyed
Dont purposely build server lagging builds!
You may only Select up to 100k Blocks With WorldEdit

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