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Bass Craft


Who are we? We are a highly skilled team of friends ranging from redstone experts, survival builders, helpers and festival designers! This server is all about everything high-tech. We are always striving for the coolest new features to bring to a still-vanilla experience. We offer many player amenities like free food, voting rewards and /tpa. There are very few rules and hacks are always allowed. Our fair and fun loving staff is waiting.

Now that you have learned about the "Craft" of Bass Craft, what’s up with that "Bass"? If you think that this is a server where we will give you Lure X rods and a few boats, you're wrong! When we say bass, we mean the rockin' beats by some of the world's most famous DJs getting live mixed at some of the world's biggest EDM festivals. We have state-of-the-art DJ Clubs and the biggest music festival stages in the world, all in our server. Build, craft, party, and so much more!! Hope to see you soon!

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