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Vibranium Network

Vibranium Network


Here at Vibranium Network, we strive to provide quality and fair gameplay to ALL our players. How are we doing this? We have custom developed administrative plugins and configurations to eliminate any pay2win elements residing on our servers. 

We are extremely open to suggestions/opinions, we want to fully emerge ourselves actively onto the community and also interacting actively with our players. So feel free to input any suggestions/opinions because trust us, we will see it till the end.


Some of our features but not limited to -

24/7 with a whooping 99% server uptime!
Custom UI for ALMOST everything - This makes the user's experience easier and more enjoyable.
Pets - This is in place to eliminate loneliness on your newly started adventure!
Global wide trading - Trade with players with ease, you CAN'T get scammed using our trading system!
ViaRewind - Not on the latest Minecraft Version? Fear not. You can use outdated version to join our servers.
Crates - Stand a stand to win the rarest items on our server! 
Auctions - Get the best price for your items!
Grief Prevention - Protect your beloved prized possessions!

For more information and first hand updates on the server, please visit our website @
(If the link doesn't work, please use our main domain,

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