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Here are just a few reasons why you will love FoxxCraft

1... We are 24/7 ~ This means our community will always be ready when you are!

2... Friendly staff ~ This means if you get in a jam a a polite and competent member of staff will be there to help you out

3... A server built around you ~ This means we strive to make the most entertaining server for you as possible, we like to refer to the player as "King" because you matter to us and the server revolves around you

4... Plenty to do ~ One of the first things you will notice when you join us is that we have loads of unique plugins and worlds so you can have the best of everything! Just a few of these include... Craftable TNT Arrows that we give you in the starter kit, a massive gladiator pvp arena, Greif and No-Grief worlds, Super hard and challenging nether and end, Rollback... So what you make in the creative world stays that way!

5... Simple and stylish spawn ~ Yes loads of servers must say this but our spawn is both simple and practical but also large and open

6... Jump right in ~ We won't make you wait, you can do anything you want whenever you want just hop out and you can pvp or play in the superhard nether and end world!

7... Less of the bad stuff ~ We use multiple plugins to keep the bad side of minecraft communities away! We use CombatLog... So that no-one logs out in the heat of a battle, We also have CreativeControl so spawned items are no longer a worry, even Admins don't have abusive commands like /kill and can't give you items

We hope to see you on FoxxCraft soon! If so be a bawzz :P

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