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Running 1.5.2!
We are looking for members to join our community, our grand community of players in all the fun and excitement we have. It is a Bukkit Server with many Plugins to enjoy even more!

Server IP:
Dynmap Address:
Forum Address:

In our current server, we run on many plugins that keep as going and the experience staff that keeps us floating. But our community is much more important.

The Rules:
1: No griefing - number 1 of any Minecraft Server. If you have been griefing and "hiding it", we will know who did it, and will get banned.
2: No PVP unless the other player accepts it. When PVP, give their stuff back without questions. If you don't, we can check.
3: No extreme abusive language - you can lightly swear but not too extreme.
4: Be respectful to everyone in the community.
5: Have fun!

Staff List:
.PatricB - Server founder [Admin]
.jordanofthehill [Admin]
.BobShubin [Admin]
.greenurton [Admin]
.eveum [Admin]
.Marjakike [Admin]
.Artoran [Admin]
.SagaratMC [Admin]
.iCallumm [Admin]
.Nilocat [Admin]
.HaloSoda [Admin]

and much, much more!

Ranks, Faction and Economy:
In our server, we have a basic Ranking, Faction and Economy System. Our Ranking starts as you enter our server for the first time, given the rank of [Survivor]

Starter Ranks:
Survivor -
Some Commands available are: /spawn /money /pay user amount /sethome
As a new player you start out as this rank
To advance to Villager you will need to:

  1. Read all rules for the server, and town you started in.
  2. Have a house on a lot with windows, paintings and a bed.
  3. Use the /sethome command at your house.
    Should you still be this rank after a day or so, you may be banned.

Villager -
New commands available to you one of which is /home
Now that your settled the community needs you!
To advance to Citizen rank you will need to:

  1. Complete one town project requested and approved by an Admin or Mod
  2. Help one Survivor (not with resources!) start his house, by explaining how we work and being helpful.

Citizen -
With your town knowledge and mighty pickaxe your ready to earn some cash!
To advance to Apprentice rank you will need to:

  1. Earn and then pay 1000 in game dollars to an Admin or Mod.
  2. Build another community project (not town specific)

Apprentice -
At this rank you are now able to start your trade!
Such as Pirate, Architect, Monk, Demon... and so on!

After Apprentice you have a choice of different class to go! Each class has a seperate 5 ranking system. All class cost Economy Money. You can get Economy Money by selling items, killing mobs, or hiring yourself for a job.

Class List after Apprentice:
There are also class suggestions in the forum if you want to add in an extra class!

Also, we have factions! You can create your own faction or join/ask a fellow mate to join theirs! There are six known Factions:

Towns and Cities:
To become a large community in the server, we have several towns/cities which we all mingle in! Towns from Newport Haven to Castletown. With planned towns Sandstone, District City and Deimos. Our spawn point is always located in a town with a spawn cage with all the rules! If you have time, you can create your own settlement!

[Thank you to iCallumm for these screenshots]

The Forum is all your daily needs! When signing up on the server, you need to know the word, the special word! You may know if you log on to the server first and forums second. In the Forum, we have different sections, from Towns to General Discussions. We also have a collection of Forum Games if you are bored to the bone and why not, try beat other people's score!

Forum Staff:
-PatricB [Admin]
-Bin58/Shadowmire [Admin]
-eveum [Admin]
-iCallumm [Admin]
-SagaratMC [Admin]
-AidanEngel [Moderator]
-Volt [Moderator]
-101gill [Moderator]
-BobShubin [Admin]
-mnmzzz [Admin]

Sever is running 1.5.2!
Capture the flag and mob arenas!

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