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WrathPvP [Factions] [mcMMO] [SilkSpawners] [ObbyDe


Hello, and Welcome to WrathPVP, a place where War, Hatred, Riches, and Raids, are a part of your Everyday life, or death. Will you take the path of a leader, or be loyal to a cause? Will you Choose thievery, Murder and Pillaging to Make your way in Wrath? Or be an Honorable Warrior, Protecting the good and fending off Evil, Taking only what you need to survive? If you enjoy Training your skills, Fighting off enemies, Or attemping to rule the World... Wrath is the place for you.

Basic Plugins

Obsidian Destroyer


  • Factions: Make a team or join one and rise to the top!
  • mcMMO: Make common tasks in minecraft easier & more complex.
  • Combat Tag: Stops players from PVPLogging.
  • Player Heads: Get the heads of your enemies to use a trophy!
  • Auctions: Auction items for other players to buy.
  • Public Shop: Buy & Sell basic items for yourself.
  • Raiding & PVP: Your Faction and Allies come together to take down your enemies!
  • Obsidian Destroyer: Explosions now destroy obsidian for better raiding!
  • NoCheatPlus: Stop the hackers from having an unfair advantage so PVP is fair.

Custom Plugins

  • ChunkRefresh: Show glitched blocks and fix glitched players on your screen with /chunk.
  • Vote Rewards: Custom Rewards the can be acquired after voting a certain number of times.
  • MysteryCrates: Receive rewards such as God Items, Mob Spawners & so much more. ( )
  • RetroPotions: Healing & Strength potions act like they did before the 1.6 update.


1.) Respect Staff & No Harassing Other Players.
2.) No Alternate Accounts.
3.) No Racism or Excessive Swearing.
4.) No Hacks or Mods That Grant Unfair Advantages.
5.) No Spamming Chat or Use Of Excessive Caps.
6.) No Asking For Items, Vote For Free Items.
7.) No Plugin or General Minecraft Exploiting.
8.) No 3rd Party Donator rank transferring, trading and/or selling for in game items are permitted.

Server Specs

  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Processor: Xeon Quad E3-1270v2
  • Network Speed: 1 GB/s Uplink
  • Storage: 240GB SSD

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