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MC Singularity Network

MC Singularity Network [ EU ] FTB Direwolf


Welcome To MC Singularity Network[

We are a small team working upon a community. Those who join us in early stages may be assisting us stabilise and configure (Testers). We do have a Discord server which is also within progression of completion.

You may wonder who are we? If so, let me explain a little. We're a Two-Manned Team currently, working hard to bring this server to life and get it running in prestine condition. We also are very willing to hear everyones opinions & criticism. Criticism is crucial for us to understand what is Important, Necessary and more. We are focused more on modded packs for the time being. If you wonder if this a short term project that we shall ditch in the future? Nope. We are very dedicated to bring this to you, as much as this is a learning curve for myself and colleague. We dont give up.

All the team asks for, is your patience. This is a long term project for us, so please do not expect fast and sudden changes to the server. We are not professionals, this is our first attempt at this! Suggestions are greatly appreciated within the forums.

As for being a small team, we are open to those who have clear knowledge upon Minecraft Server Plugins and whatnot. This does not mean applying to help us to abuse placement. That will not be tolerated.

Join in on the fun :

Direwolf :
FTB Revelation :

WIP Website :

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