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MineCraftEx - Build Server - No Griefing - MCMMO -


To visit the website:

What plugins does the server feature?
Well obviously we can't tell you all of them because we don't want to give away all of our secrets but we can give you the popular ones we offers! Our server features the following popular plugins; MCMMO, Economy, Mob Arena, CTF, TDM, Grief Prevention, Auctions, Orebfuscator, Live map, and quite a few others that really make the gameplay experience that much more enjoyable.

What makes this server different from the rest?
To start off - Our staff team has several years experience with hosting and handling minecraft servers. So expect top notch server speeds along with some really cool plugins that have been tweaked to our players liking. We've also got very helpful staff that will assist you with any issues or questions you've experienced while on our server. Another cool thing we offer is that we have an automated response system that will answer commonly asked questions. All you have to do is to type your question in chat and if it matches one of our pre-programmed answers it will give you a detailed response to answer your questions. There really are so many things that make this server different from the others - I'd have to spend all day writing them! So to see for yourself just connect to the server and you will receive a warm welcome.

Will you keep updating to the latest minecraft versions?
You can expect the latest minecraft updates sooner than 90% of other minecraft servers!

•Lightning Fast!

What are the rules we must follow when playing?
[1]: No cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:
[1.1]: Using modified clients to give an advantage in any way. (we allow minimaps provided they do not show player positions and mods such as optifine are fine)
[1.2]: Circumventing plugins such as the afk kicker.
[1.3]: Using macros/scripts to perform tasks such as farming and mob grinding. (keybinding commands is perfectly fine though)
[1.4]: Abusing an exploit in a plugin or the server to gain an advantage.
[1.5]: Accessing areas not accessible without some form of glitch or exploit.
[2]: You must respect staff at all times - They are there to help and not to be abused.
[3]: You must not ask staff to spawn items for you.
[4]: You must not ask for admin/OP. If you want to become a member of staff you must apply on the forums.
[5]: You must not spam, this includes repeating the same thing more than twice or saying different things in a short space of time.
[6]: You must not use racism or explicit language in public chat.
[7]: You must not advertise other servers.
[8]: No accusing of hacks in general chat - There is a category devoted to this on the forum.
[9]: Do not encourage others to break rules.
[10]: Use English in anything but private chats.
[11]: No griefing.
[12]: No teleport requesting to lure another player in a PVP zone.
[13]: You must not post, share or display personal information or content of other players with the clear intent to embarrass or cause shame. This rule will be enforced both on the server, and outlets such as Skype and streaming websites.

How do I join the server?

Interested in applying for a staff position?
Visit our website to register and apply:

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