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Draecon Factions

Draecon Factions | Crates | Custom Plugin



Right when you join the server/help message

•• IP: ••

Brand new faction server just released on 7/1/18, need staff!

• Factions - Custom /f Chest, /f Vault, /f tnt, /f fly
• mcMMO - Level up your skills and defeat your enemies
• Auction House - Auction your items in a unique way
• Voting - Vote for a vote key to get custom items in the chest at spawn
• Custom Anti Cheat - Stops all hackers in their path
• MergedMob - Merges mobs for a better faction experience
• ObsidianDesroyer - takes 5 tnt to blow up obsidian, water does not protect obsidian
• Custom Head Hunter - Collect heads and sell them for exp and money, level up to unlock newer heads worth more!

Custom Everything!

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