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CraftyCrunch: Creative, Survival, and Minigames

1vs1 Stadium


  • Survival

    • Two separate worlds to have two unique adventures.
    • An in-game shop to sell and buy items for money.
    • Stays true to the original gamemode, while still adding features that are helpful. (Like chest and land protections)
  • Creative

    • 10 normal sized plots to build small things in.
    • 3 "City" sized plots for building many different building in one plot.
    • Worldedit for all to use!
  • Minigames

    • One on One PvP arenas to battle other people to the death
    • SkyBlock
  • Server

    • Completely 1.8 compatible!
    • Completely original building for spawn and other main parts of the server
    • Uses dedicated servers to ensure 24/7 uptime and no lag.
    • Helpful and nice staff members that are always willing to help.
    • Time spent on the server means money to spend in gamemodes. The more you play, the better you are. (Doesn't include AFK time)
    • We have a domain name to keep the IP easy to remember and to keep the it from ever changing.
    • Always being updated and being added to keep things interesting and fun. We also fix bugs as soon as we hear about them.
    • We have automated onsite and offsite server backups, making a backup 3 times a day.

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