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BlockRaids is a new Raid PVP Server to bring out the original heart of Minecraft Survival and PVP. With top-notch hardware and no factions, you can experience Minecraft like it was meant to be played.


Starting out with nothing other than wood tools, a bit of food, and a few utilities, you must first survive and build up your collection of armor, weapons, tools, and blocks before taking on the big bad guys in enchanted diamond armor who had done what you did previously. Sure, it will be tough, but the reward is worth it. If you are truly stuck, you can always buy coins to get that jump start! With no Factions, there is nothing preventing you from being raided, or killed. The tables could turn at any moment, and that is what you must be afraid of and cautious about.

You will start in a spawn, perhaps with a few friends, where you can buy a vault chest, enchant your items, or browse the shops which have a VERY limited selection of items. Even if you are friends with someone, there is nothing stopping them from backstabbing you and taking your stuff. Not to say you couldn't do that to.

Fight, Raid, and shoot your way to the top on this new revolutionary Hardcore Raid PVP Server, BlockRaids!

Visit for more info, voting links, the shop, chat, Mumble, and so much more!

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