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Smash City

Smash City [Custom Spells] [Rethinking PvP since 1


Smash City. Rethinking PvP since 1987

About us:
Started on a cold summer day, two old New-Yorkians had a crazy idea! Why not re-invent Minecraft PvP? Like, completely scrap everything Mojang did for PvP, and completely re-coded it. After 4 hard months of hair-pulling confusion, and hard work, we present to you, Smash City [BETA].

What makes us special?
We took a complicated idea, then put it into our simplification blender, and to create the perfect balance of customization and simplicity. Over 1000 hours have been put into developing this server, most of it being creating the backbone. For our BETA launch, offering as many spells as possible was not our goal. Our goal was to create a flawless skeleton as a proof of concept that something this complicated could be put into a system so simple. We currently feature 50 spells, each created to have it's own strength's and weaknesses, which can be seemingly unlocked and equipped into a player's setup. The backbone of the server allows us to control damage, criticals, dodge chance, along with essentially anything that involves combat. All of this combined brings you the most advanced gamemode minecraft has never seen. No other server can boast the ability to incorporate a newly created spells in under 3 minutes, while making it seemingly integrated with the rest of the server automatically.

Our goals:
Our goal is to become a network that produces top notch games that you won't find on any other server within minecraft. We consider every aspect of our servers, so you won't find any aspect of the server lagging behind the rest. For this particular gamemode, we hope to expand to hundreds of spells to be selected from to allow the ultimate customization of your class.

Keep in mind, we are still in very early BETA. Any bugs found should be reported on our forums, and will get to it ASAP.

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