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Mystic Factions

pin_drop MysticFactions.Net

Welcome to MysticFactions!

We're a server theamed for all ages so all the commands and plugins are simple to use and active staff help when needed JUST ASK :P

There is alot to do on mysticfactions Such as these things here are some of our CUSTOM features:

  • Supplycrates every hour
  • Money Pouches
  • Auction House
  • Fully Custom Coded Enchants Plugin Enchants Never Seen Before.
  • Fair PvP (EG: Neurfed Strength II to do less damage so you can survive on Golden Apples)
  • We have god apples but there NOT craftable the only way to get them is in /kit GOKU (Gkit) Or from the supplydrops (/rs to see next drop)

NOTE: We're a community server, so suitable for all ages. We have automated curse, hack and spam systems to prevent abuse.

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