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If you want a CHALLENGING mostly vanilla experience with greif protection using the towny plugin then THIS IS THE SERVER FOR YOU. You can protect the things you build from greifing by creating or joining towns and nations. Any player can create their own town and/or nation. Teleportation is determined by what nation you are in. You can teleport to any allied town but you cannot teleport your way out of an enemy town or of the wilderness except for once a day. PVP and Greifing are allowed in the wilderness and in towny plots where PVP and/or greifing are enabled, determined by the player who owns the plot. Start with nothing and build or join a great town and a vast Empire. The server spawn is small so you can start playing right away. This server will never be reset so anything you build could be there forever. The server owner and staff are only allowed to use fly or any other admin ability when performing admin functions. Staff abuse is not tolerated. ErrantCraft has a very cool fresh new map with many of the newer interesting biomes such as mesa, Ice plains spikes, Mega Taiga, Mushroom Island, and morenear the server spawn. We are looking to add active Server Staff. If you enjoy ErrantCraft then you can apply to join the staff at any time. Check the ErrantCraft website for rules and important information. A list if important and helpful ErrantCraft Commands can be found here ErrantCraft is rated PG. Continuous use of foul language will not be tolerated. You can now craft Saddles, Horse Armor and Nametags on ErrantCraft. You can see the ErrantCraft map at

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