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Nanocraft is a fun and creative server with a friendly community of helpful staff and players. Everyone is welcome to Nanocraft, if you like: Survival, Creative or Playing games, Nanocraft is the server for you! We are growing rapidly, so the more players and interest we get, the more of these amazing feature we will release.

Our IP is:

The server offers many worlds for you and your friends to enjoy.
These include:

In this world, players can teleport to other worlds and join minigames.

Play a vanilla survival here, on your own or with your friends! This world is protected from greifer’s.

A creative PlotWorld for you to produce wonderful masterpieces and join your friends building things, too!

A somewhat private world, you cannot build there until you have earned the ‘Builder’ rank!

Battle! In this world you can play the classic Minecraft minigame: The Survival Games.

Play, alone, with friends. Enter an arena full of beasts; your only aim is: to slay them!

A Survival PvPWorld, PvP, raiding and greifing is all allowed here!
The difficulty is Hard.

In this world you can play many different games, such as: PvP teams game, a PvP free for all game and a capture the flag gametype!

Complete a lot of custom Parkour maps built at different difficulties. Set yourself a best time and work your way up the leader board!

Hit blocks; stay on the floor… simple, right?

Survive in an unusual realm full of floating islands.

Ready your bow because you’re about to play BowWarfare, a interesting gametype where players shoot each-other with 1 shot bows!

We have a great team of staff, too! The server is owned by milese3; Policed by JoelyMo101 and FluffehBuneez, along with a vast team of Admins and Moderators, all of which have been trained to provide a first class experience! We also have custom plugins that allow us to do many things, so we know the blocks someone has placed and broken!

The server offers an array of Donator ranks, all designed to give you a better experience while playing games or make that survival experience just a bit more exiting! The more donators we have, the better the server can become!

The server is up 24/7 and so you can join whenever you like. Where ever you are in the world, you are welcome to join us on this epic server!

-Miles (Owner)

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