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Valor Gaming | Unique Towny PvP Server [1.5.2]


Valor Gaming | Towny PvP
This is a PvP Minecraft server that provides players with a sense of intense PvP which ranges from multiple weapon/armor upgrades and a unique arsenal of abilities. Not only do players just have to find/make their own gear, but they also have to level up their abilities using the famous McMMO. The server at the moment currently only holds 24 slots, but will be increased very soon. The server is also able to withstand multiple situations with NO LAG whatsoever.

For administration, we currently have 6-7 admins currently at your disposal as soon as you enter the server. They are there to help you, so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Below I'll list a couple of cool things implemented:

--- McMMO: You'll be able to level up almost everything you could possibly think of, ranging from woodcutting, sword fighting, axe fighting, to taming acrobatics. (You can find detailed INFO here

---Towny: With towny enabled, you'll be able to spend a small amount of, "$10,000" to start a town to protect your belongings and officially own a section of the land. From here you'll be able to wage wars against other towns and engage in intense PvP with others for their loot/rewards. (You can find detailed INFO here

--- Essentials: Ever wanted to have a currency of some sort? With Essentials you'll be able to have your own balance, as well as be able to transfer, obtain currency from mobs/players, and even compete to be the richest in the lands!

--- Dynmap: We also implemented a 24/7 map that shows the entire land that has been explored by others, available in 3d or just a flat overhead view. (You can view this at, "" TYPE THIS IN YOUR ADDRESS URL)

--- SwordsPlus: Not only is this vanilla minecraft, but we've also implemented a new set of unique diamond swords that you can craft and help you in your PvP adventures. These range from being able to BLIND your opponent, to making them set ablaze with a Fiery Diamond Sword.

Feel free to hop in and bring your friends, and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!
Server IP:
Server Version: 1.5.2

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