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The WPNU server is a close-knit community, coming fresh out of a closed beta. We currently have one world: WPNU. Our focus is to provide all players with an equally difficult, but balanced experience on our servers. Our community has been around for 3 years, but we're always looking for new players to join us!

Our server has a full economy system, which can be used to gamble in casinos or on lotteries, or to buy backpacks to increase a player's inventory space. We also feature a large downtown (type /warp dt) where you can buy up plots and properties to sell items to other players. This is your one-stop shopping destination on WPNU!

Our server is jam-packed with plugins, such as WorldGuard and LogBlock to protect our players; mcMMO and MyPet to provide players with a bit of competition and allow them to compete for the best pet or the most skills; MyWarp and Essentials to allow players to quickly link up with friends and get playing, as well as to provide players with a familiar experience; iRestore to protect a players inventory when they're killed in pvp, or by a glitch; Zombie Apocalypse, Infernal Mobs, and Crazy Spawner to make new and old players alike have to fight a little harder to keep their items; MythicDrops, which is a Diablo-esque drop system that is fully integrated into our economy and offers a better reason to hunt down mobs; and finally, plugins such as MobArena and War, that allow players to duke it out against mobs or against other players in arena-style battles.

We have recently opened up a virtual store, where you can use credit points (earned by supporting the server through voting, hosting events, winning events, etc.) to purchase a slew of items, including full donator permissions.

Come to WPNU and enjoy a fantastic experience filled with fun, games, and Minecraft!

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