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WorldCrafters Welcomes you to play here. We bring adventures and great staff, a friendly community, lots of cool buildings, friends, people to talk talk, many gamemodes, custom kits, and much more!

We are run by a lot of staff and two Owners wjho are also YouTubers.
If you would like to contact us, visit
You can register their and apply for building and Moderator and also chat with who ever is online. We are a new server and hope that yo enjoy your stay. We are always looking for people who can help people and make the server better. So we hope you like it!

⇒ Owner NikiJok3_YT
⇒ Owner FanderCraft
⇒ CoOwner Pipz
⇒ CoOwner FuturePiggyMC
⇒ CoOwner MrFear220
⇒ Admin CrimsonRaids
⇒ Mod CarlitosGammer
⇒ Mod oWrath

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