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This is a fun pvp and raiding server and we have a lot of fun to offer such as cool donation ranks not strict on rules and also we ALLOW griefing and stealing from chests we also have an edited factions plugin that allows you to open chests in claimed territories and we also have a few enjoyable plugins such as :horses: wich allows you to buy horses and they become tamed immediately we also have :worldedit: this is usedx to donation ranks and ops/admins only ranks 70$ and up can use the //wand command and we also have :faction: a plugin used by all players used to claim others lands and claim their own lands to protect from raiding and we also have :timtheenchanter: used to redeem weapons up to sharpness X from donations using [fake] tokens we also have :groupmanager: This is a plugin used by the developers to create permissions for groups such as Default mod head mod staff head staff co owner owner etc :mcmmo: an awesome plugin used by all players to use your skills such as Swords acrobatics fishing mining axes woodcutting and many more and you can also redeem points by donating for the points and we will give you the poins that you decide to use on whatever skill and that's basically a brief description of the plugins and now to the server we are a friendly staff and don't have much rules accept for the essential rules and we DEMAND YOU TO HAVE FUN..

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