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It's 2011, you've just purchased Minecraft and you really have no idea where to go from there. You search through a few server lists and eventually you find a community to play on, but it's a real community. It's a community where everyone knows everyone, where you go out and build your first base after exploring the sprawling spawn after a while, where you grind through the server's mob arenas for prizes and awards, where you play a game of spleef with your town mates. It's a community where people care, where the development team is involved and listening to players to create the best experience possible, where real effort is put into the growth of a stable community. It's a community with a story, and we're trying to write the next chapter in a book that began nearly a decade ago.

MiksweezalCraft is an ode to the communities that spaned the Minecraft world many years ago and the facets they included at that time. Our server is a love-project that is continuous and on-going with new features and editions constantly being completed and simultaneously added to our already overwhelming list of planned implementations. We have a considerable amount of mini-games to choose from as well as micro-dungeons to suit just about every type of player.


Compete against other players in a match to the death with.. eggs? Be the first player to break the snow beneath their feet and watch them fall to a fiery lava-induced death in a heated and intense match of spleef. This is one of the game modes that we use to host admin-sponsored events, which leads us into our next feature..

Hands-on hosted events!

With the popularity of large and completely automated servers, interactive events hosted by real people have seen a slow and sad death, and with them a large chunk of the spirit that truly is Minecraft- a game with a focus on community. Our aim is to see that spirit revived and brought back to life by interactively hosting events and placing a focus on player-driven events. Don't just be another player tag in some random hub--come to find out what it means to be a part of a real, dedicated community run by people who know what a real community is; what a real community feels like.

Mob Arena!

Another feature of older servers that has seen a slow and sad decline has been revived in true style with multiple ways to play across several different arenas. Fight your way through round after round of Zombie Survival in a fully custom Castle or try your luck in haunted forest swamplands. The longer you survive, the more rewards you'll reap, including food, diamonds, armor, and experience, but beware- these are no easy feat. Bring your squad and class up.. you might just need a healer for the level bosses.


Of course, you need a way to clan-up with your friends and we've included Towny as a way for you to form and share a base with your teammates. Expand into a town and control the surrounding area, grow into a city and control a vast area, and eventually transform into a nation and branch out through your towns to become the largest presence you can form. What kind of empire do you want to lead? You make the decision.


One of our most popular features is the implementation of custom hand-built micro-dungeons that utilize vanilla Minecraft to the maximum extent of it's capabilities creating various different micro-dungeons that are completely plugin-free! With over 100+ hours of development invested into these completely fleshed out dungeons, we've created custom mobs, custom rewards, and a custom experience to expand what you thought was possible with the vanilla aspect of Minecraft through creative engineering.

Just the start..

What you've read above are just a few of the aspects that we feature in this ode to what Minecraft used to be many, many years ago. If you're an OG, you'll be able to appreciate the nostalgic feeling of what Minecraft used to be at what we believe to be its peak of community. If you're new, you can experience what it not only feels like to belong to, but actually belong to a true community of players that share one thing in common- their love of what this game truly is, a shared experience.

Our mission statement is simple, one community for all, and all of what it has to give for one.

This is MiksweezalCraft.

Let's go!

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