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The MurderCraft NetWork
The MurderCraft Network is a network of multiple different servers run by the MurderCraft Team.
These servers include a Hub Server, Creative Server, Factions Server, Towny Server, And Lots more!

The Hub Server
The MurderCraft Hub Server provides a clean and efficient way to jump between all of our servers, in a quick manner.
Use /hub anywhere to return to this server.

The MiniGames Server

Almost defiantly the most fun server out of the entire MurderCraft NetWork. This server can be accessed by typing /server minigames from any of the other server. All the MiniGames on this server are as listed below:
-Splegg (Currently have 1 Arena & Being worked on)
-Bow Spleef (Currently have no Arenas)
-Hide n' Seek (Currently have no maps)
-One in the Chamber (Being worked on)
-TNT Run (Being worked on)
-Quake Craft (Currently have no arenas)
-Sky Wars (Being worked on)
-And more coming soon!
Feel free to post suggestions below!

The Factions Server (Coming Soon!)

The factions server is here to provide you with a seamless PvP, Raiding and greifing experience, as well as large scale faction wars! With a strong economy and money stealing upon killing other players, for all those people to love Factions, MurderCraft is for you! To connect to this server type /server factions in any of MurderCraft Servers.

The Survival Games Server

And for all you Survival Games lovers out there, We provide you with a wonderful opportunity to clash against random people, or team with your friends in awesome matches of Survival Games! Simply type /server survivalgames to join!

The Kit-PvP Server

Our Kit-PvP Server gives you the choice of many different kits, and different boosts to give you the upper hand in a massive brawl of pure PvP! Our Kit-PvP promises endless fun and PvP! Simply type /server kitpvp in game!

The Creative Server

Come and grab a plot, and show off your creative talent! /server creative

The Towny Server (Coming Soon!)

Coming soon in the near future...*

So what are you waiting for?? Come Join The MurderCraft NetWork now at:

Other things :D
We have too many awesome staff to list!
-Total Donations Goal: $

-Total Donation Count: $**
-Our Website:
-Our Facebook Page: We don't have one yet :(

*We are working on it!
**Staff applications will be allowed upon Beta release

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