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March 7 2014 NEW MAP!


Our community has been running strong for nearly two years!

SC-PVP is a server focused on Factions and PvP. Griefing, and more specifically raiding, is allowed and encouraged. The world border is set a 5,000 blocks away from spawn. A more condensed world better facilitates raiding. There is NO chest protection! Design your base with security in mind to keep the baddies away from your loots.

Spawn has a shop where you can buy and sell things with in-game money. There is also Nether Portal access and a warp to the PvP arena. You can also find Lawrence the pig, our mascot, here.

Here are some of the noteworthy plugins we run:

Factions : Allows users to create and join factions. Factions can claim land and this prohibits people outside of the faction from building or destroying blocks on their territory. However, our configuration does not protect chests. Design your base with security in mind to prevent people from raiding you!
mcMMO : This plugin allows for an RPG-like leveling system with multiple stats such as Mining and Woodcutting. There are also combat stats such as Swords and Axes. The combat stats will aid you in PvP.
Shop : The Shop is at spawn. You can buy and sell tons of different items here. Note that player-made shops are disabled. Left click a sign to buy. Right click a sign to sell (must be holding the item at the appropriate sign)
WorldBorder : The border is set at 3000 blocks away from spawn to better facilitate raiding.
NoCheatPlus : Down with the cheaters!
CombatTag : Punishes those who log out in combat.
FloAuction : Player made item auctions. Sell and bid on items.
PvP Arena : Play Team Deathmatch! Battle on a map custom made by the SC-PVP community. The first team to reach 30 kills wins. Other arenas, maps, and gametypes are coming soon!
Hunger Games : You've seen the movie (or read the book). Last man standing.


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