This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Hexxit - 4EG


[b] ~ HEXXIT 1.0.7 for MINECRAFT 1.5.2 ~ [b]

~ Currently 200 slots available ~

~ Running 24/7 - Auto restart every 6 hours ~

Hexxit Server I.P. :

Teamspeak 3 Server :

Four Elements Gaming Website :


It's recommended to get the new Technic Launcher!

Technic Launcher : Technic Launcher Download Site

[1]Scroll down to Hexxit modpack

[2] Click the gear under Hexxit logo this is the options for Hexxit.

[3] Click "manually select a build"

[4] Use drop down menu and choose 1.0.7

[5] Then hit save.

Once you are done click "Launch"

This is a Factions based server, PvP in the "wild"
There are safe-zones as well as custom flags can be set for more faction control.
There is a ranking system which is done in-game.
Ranking up requires in-game money and players can rank themselves up.
We are a growing community of players, we have great staff, and players.
Currently we have 2 servers with plans to open more.

List of rules to follow.

It's a very short list so we uphold these few rules
with an iron fist.

[1] No Spamming : Including channels, players, commands.

[2] No offensive structures : Your structures must be friendly too.

[3] No Discrimination/Racism : Speech is a right not a freedom.

[4] No Client Mods : Mods or Hacks that give unfair, donator only, or any ability you should not have are not allowed here.

[5] Report all bugs.

[6] No Begging : Do your own work.

[7] No Profanity : Cursing, Vulgar language not permitted

[8] No Advertising other servers

List of banned items & Mods removed.

Ender Bow(item# 6109, Bag(item# 7608), Capsule(item# 7616:1), Storage Crate(item# 1054)

Mods Removed : Dimensional Doors, Secret Rooms, Chest Transporter

List of Plugins

ColoredMotd, CreativeControl, DailyBonus, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, Essentials, EssentialsAntiBuild, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, FactionChat, Factions, GAListener, GroupManager, HeroBounty, ItemSlotMachine, Lottery, MobCash, MultiWorld, OpenInv, RankSigns, SignShop, TagAPI, TekkitCustomizer, Vault, Votifier, WorldEdit



ThePa9an [Owner]

WayneFrancis [Admin]

DemonKezzington [Moderator]

senoc [Moderator]

cesmaster [Moderator]

T73 [Moderator]

jRabago [Moderator]

bleatinggoat [Moderator]

Server250 [Moderator]

Excrobic [Moderator]

Rayman1046 [Moderator]

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