This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Why You Should Join?

Arcadia-Prison has many plugins and extras on it that makes it unique and fun compared to other prison servers where all you do is mine and sell here is what we offer to the minecraft community:

  • Balanced Mcmmo: This is a pvp ranking system that helps you with all forms of pvp including fists, it is balanced with maximum ranks so no one it too op!

  • Mob Arena: This is a plugin where you battle mobs with unique and strong kits to gain rewards!

  • PaidRanks: A necessity to all prison servers you start at A and make your way through the ranks all the way to z!

  • HighEnchant: This is what helps to make this server an op prison it gives you high enchants when donating or for high ranked guards!

  • Minereset: No need to wait for an admin to continue mining, the mines will reset every 10-15 minutes!

Thats why you should join Arcadia Prison!

Owner: baywee

Co-Owner: webbaboy

Admins: zero_000, admiralgreen56

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