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About the server:

Crimson-Craft is a nation-building server. The objective of the server is to build your nation. The goals of each nation will vary greatly. We have had nations who only engage in combat, nations who provide food and weapons, nations who build massive structures, and nations who trade to become wealthy.

We have a Combat-Tagging plugin (This means that if you’re in combat, you will be killed if you log off, and all commands are disabled. Combat in Crimson-Craft is also unique. Players who are not in a nation cannot engage in combat, and nations cannot initiate combat without receiving approval from the court. Nations who grief or kill members of other nations without approval will be punished.

Crimson-Craft also has an economy. We have an auction system (/auction), a player-run market (/market), and a physical shop at spawn that sells almost every material.

Crimson-Craft is built around Factions. We use the Factions plugin in order to unite the players and allow leaders to manage their players.

Crimson-Craft allows each player one locked chest (/lock). Items you place in this chest are always safe from being stolen, even by members of your own faction.

Crimson-Craft allows for TNT cannons during wars, TNT can also be used during wars.


Our random teleportation plugin allows players to find a secluded area quickly (/wild).

Our market plugin allows players to make listings of items that can be purchased by other players (/market). The seller does not need to be online for the sale to work.

Our dynamic map allows players to see faction land and player locations. Visit ( to view it.

Our factions plugin discourages griefing as well as it promotes nation management.




Community Manager:








No Racism
No Advertising Other Servers
No Combat/Griefing without declaring war

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