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Welcome To Ijoncraft
We are We are a newly formed community of veteran Minecraft Players that have decided to create our own Minecraft server. We have taken our years of Minecraft experience to forge a server that is the pinnacle of Minecraft. Our server has been spiced up with custom edited plugins, backed by a lag-free server, finely-tuned economy, and Games, Creative, and last but not least, Survival. All of this is reflected on our website that is closely integrated with our server, and allows you to enjoy Ijoncraft to the fullest.

Premium Hardware
Ijoncraft is run 24/7, saved several times an hour, and backed up twice daily. We use a renowned Minecraft Server Host, that runs Ijoncraft on Intel Xeon processors and Solid State Drives. When coupled with the numerous performance configurations that Ijoncraft has been customized with; your Minecraft experience will be forever changed.

One of the key pillars of Ijoncraft is the unique item-backed currency. Emeralds are more than just decorative items; in Ijoncraft Emeralds ARE the money, they can be deposited in a personalized Vault, used to buy items from villager or player shops, or used to trade with other players.

We proudly use Bookshelf to bring a new dimension of player interaction to Minecraft. Through Bookshelf players can write books, or chart maps, and then share them with everyone in the library. This engaging plugin allows you to tell the tale of Ijoncraft.

Creative Mode
Survival is fun, but sometimes you need to unwind and build a skyscraper, or two, or twenty... Build whatever you like in a massive 36x36 plot automatically protected for you. Or you can fly around and view other players creations to inspire your own.

Game World
Games are so crucial to Ijoncraft, they get a world to themselves! Teleport to the games world to battle in arenas, creatively solve mazes, or master agility through parkour; all this by yourself, or with friends.

Enhanced Gameplay
Ijoncraft has an assortment of plugins that make Minecraft more enjoyable and rewarding. We use plugins such as Residence, TreeAssist, and McMMO that allow you to protect your land by yourself, cut down trees faster, show hitpoints, and more.

Still not convinced? Try us out at, you'll be glad you did. Visit our website!

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