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Generation Gateway

[Generation Gateway] FTB Lite 3|Old Community|Mult


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Here at Generation Gateway, we are mature, professional, dedicated, friendly and helpful. We have over 17 years of combined experience running gaming communities and managing dedicated servers. Together we have brought the MC community a place to call home. It is our passion to give players a quality and stable place to call home.

We have top of the line, fully dedicated, awesome servers running many servers. With other servers in development to give players a choice in what they want to play without having to switch communities.

Community information:

Over 2 years old!

IP -

Website –

Teamspeak –

Online chat -

Many more servers - check website

Average player age is 22-25. Owner and Co-owner are 22 and 40 years old.


Slots: As many as we need.

We have many things in place to give you protection against griefers

We are a PvE only server – No PvP

25 Slot Teamspeak3 & Organized Website.

Voting & Vote points (Must be registered on the website for the points to save). You may save up vote points and buy a donator rank, or other useful things.

Dedicated server that MC is running on: (We have control over the entire box)

Dual CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 4c/8t 3,7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+

RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz

Disk: SoftRAID 2 x 2 TB SATA3 6 Gbps + 2 x 240 GB SSD Intel S3500 SATA3 6 Gbps

500 MB/s Guaranteed

1 Gbps Connection

Banned, limited and restricted items.

Here at Generation Gateway, we have planned for a long stay, future expansions, and with your help, a large and friendly community.

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