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Utterlicious is a small community server with helpful and mature staff.
We are a survival server that allows griefing and raiding, pvp, and tnt.

We offer creative and worldedit ranks for those who deserve it.
Non-donor ranks are earned by play time on the server.

We also have an Enjin website, check it out @

Some Important Plugins:
-> Essentials
-> PermissionsEx
-> Litebans - Advanced banning plugin
-> Core-Protect - Data logging/ anti-griefing tool
-> MobHunting - Gain money from killing mobs.
-> LWC - Chest/Door Protection
-> MythicDrops - Drops randomly generated, enchanted, named items on a mob's death.
-> Skript
-> AutoRank
-> You can check all of our plugins ingame by typing: /pl

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