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Gildorym :: Dungeon & Dragons :: Roleplay :: 1.7.9


Gildorym is a Mature Hardcore Roleplay server set in the Dungeons and Dragons continent of Faerun. The world is set in a era of darkness as harsh evils walk among the living once more with dangers lurking around every corner. However with said dangers, opportunity for a bright and prosperous future can be seen within reach.

This server is not your conventional roleplay server, we strive to bring the best and more unique server possible. This that being said, we aim to bring realism and the best experience that minecraft will allow. We have our very own custom plugins that have recently replace the Hero's plugin for us. Not only this but our rolls system provides for fair and balanced rp pvp that will not allow for overpowering characters. The staff has created systems to make it easy and fun for new members to join our server and get started with roleplaying.

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