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Venom Network PvP


Venom KitPvP is (obviously) a KitPvP server based on 1.8 PvP mechanics. We just entered open Beta phase and already have a small, friendly and high skilled PvP community. Our server contains:
High skilled and patient staff team
1.8 PvP mechanics
New and innovative maps (some will be opened with the official release of the server)
Economic aspects (plots)
Anti-hacking plugins and other custom made plugins
Crates with awesome rewards

All players who help our Server from Beta phase to finished release will be rewarded. We are a young and ambitious Team of programmers, builders and designers but still in need of good staff members who will be picked out of the community. For more information, visit our website or join our server directly with .:D

We hope to welcome you as a part of our community as soon as possible thanks
Venom PvP team.

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