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Who are we?
We are a group of minecraft players that want to give you the true potential of a minecraft server. Currently, our server is in BETA which means that we are going to be adding a bunch more features while fixing glitches (in other means, the server is not complete 100%). We have a friendly staff, weel laid out website, and an excellent community
What are the features on this server?
• RPG world that features a huge questing line!
• Survival world where you can play Factions PvP
• Multiple Arenas – More Arenas come out each week for PvP and RPG each week
• Custom items – Totally new and unseen items that do not require a mod client are featured on this server. You get these items from completing quests or killing mobs. They are consumables and actual armor or weapons.
• More Difficult Mobs – Mobs are enhanced so that they become more difficult. They also have minor potion abilities as well as your main source of income (besides quests).
• Linked Economy – Survival World and RPG World economy is the same
• Unbelievable staff – Staff will respond to questions and give you the best answer they can possibly can (which is generally very good).

Can you give me more information on the RPG World?
RPG World features the questing line of The Rise of the Zombie King. It is created by Quit_Dog, who is our top staff on the server. In order to start a quest, you need to left click to scroll and choose your quest on a quest giver. After you have highlighted your quest (which will be in green), you right click to start the quest. Then you do whatever the quest asks you to do.

Lore behind The Rise of the Zombie King:
You are a recruit for the King’s Army. You are trained under Steve, who is the leader of the training program in the army. As training starts to wrap up, a messenger is under attack. After you save him, the messenger gives you a letter saying that there is a distress call at Notchville and the soldiers are needed. Steve sends you to get rid of the problem. After you save Notchville, you have to save the Rage City Farms due to a PigMan infestation. The King (Quit_Dog) hears about your triumph and sends you on a mission to rid the living dead with a fellow soldier known as Mind_Ninja.
After a long while, you go on an adventure and find the Crown of the Dead. It is said that whoever can yield the power of the crown can control the living dead, however you will become corrupt. What will you do? Will you betray your kingdom, or rid the dead from existence forever.
Where can I find more information?
You can find more information on the server itself or on our website.

Thank you and enjoy our server!
Staff at QDMC RPG and Survival

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