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FortFish 1.7.2


FortFish is a very well balanced Towny server. Offering a very unique experience, FortFish has a very stable economy. Focusing primarily on gameplay elements, playing on FortFish will be unlike playing on any other MC server. With everything from the McMMO leveling system to Jobs and other interesting plugins its not easy to get bored on this server.
[5GB] 50GBps

PVP/Griefing allowed in Wilderness
Economy - Great economy based server with lots ways to make money and lots of ways to spend it.
LWC - Chests left unlocked in wilderness are fair game for raiding. Protections are automatically removed after 7 days of inactivity.
McMMO -Level up specials skills and ability traits.
Auction - Sell your items to other players from anywhere.
BattleArena -Fair PVP Arenas
MobHunt -Automated events at night(server time) to compete in mob hunting against other players for money and prizes.
MobManager - Customized mob spawning to create a more difficult challenge.
Jobs - Join up to 3 jobs and perform their tasks to make money!
DogTags - Use an IronAxe to remove someones head, or Shears to cut their DogTags to keep!
Player Market -Make trade signs to buy/sell/trade with other players even while you're not online.
Enchanting Room - Pay a fee to access 3 different enchanting tables.
Public Anvils - Pay a small fee to access public anvils to save your own Iron.
Enchant Signs - Purchase any enchantment you like using a sign!

See you there!

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