This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Medieval Role-Play Server!


The Land of Azurel is a very selective, community based, medievalfantasy role-playing server. The server is a one hundred percent pure survival server, meaning that no one on the server has ever spawned an item or have been in creative mode. We can honestly say that every single item, structure, and city have been obtained and built through pure, legitimate, survival. Many, if not all of the players on the server are very experienced and helpful people. We ended up disabling natural health regeneration to give the game more of a challenge. This means that your health will not regenerate if your hunger bar is full and the only means to replenish your health is through potions, beacons, and death. Even though the players on the server may be helpful, player combat is enabled and allowed outside of major capital cities.

Server Rules:

Do not comment asking to be white listed.
Have a medievalfantasy skin that reflects your character.
Do not complain about the servers difficulty.
Server side modifications to cheat are prohibited.
Do not exploit any possible clientserver glitches.
Do not fight players or steal from them in capital cities.
Be respectful to fellow players, even if you hate them.
Do not grief with waterlavatntflint steelblocks.
You must play the role of the skin your character has.

Whitelist Information:

The server is only set to whitelist mode whenever there arent any moderators actively online. The server may be set to whitelist mode even while a moderator is online, this is because they may not be actively playingpaying attention on the server. The only players that are added to the white list are those that the community feels have proven their respect and trust to the server and those whom inhabit it.

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