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Project We Started It


This is a villain survival server with custom gen world and pvp/pve if you have claimed land and stay there you are safe if you turn off pvp. We also well be adding a mini game plugin very soon were you can win prize money and more.

Main Plugins :
-Towny "protect your land"
-CustomWorldGen "makes a amazing world"
-essentials "tp/warps/spawn/hat"
-Lockette "protect your chests"
-Vault "for money"
-Fisherman "can use a fishing pole to pull players to you"
-RealChop "Tree falls down when not connected to ground"
-RandomTp "tp's you randomly from spawn to near safe spot"
-GlobalMarket {still being implemented}
-Auctions "you can auction your items on the server for others"

Why is it called We Started it?
We are working on a youtube show called we started it and it well be on this youtube channel most likely :

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