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Redstone Empire (Civcraft)


Welcome new and returning players, to the Redstone Empire.

You are a citizen of this glorious realm and will begin your adventure in the heart of the ancient dwarven city now known as Redstone. It is your destiny to explore and conquer the untamed wilds beyond the great walls as you strive for military, industrial, scientific,or religious domination. Rediscover forgotten technologies, mine treasures hidden beneath the earth and build your own city. But beware…

Capricious gods slumber and await a foolish mortal’s curious prayer. Thieves and murderers stalk unwary travelers and friend betrays friend when the coffers begin to overflow. And worst yet, a curse has descended upon the land. Hordes of undead and unspeakable terrors await you in the deep forests and caves. So sharpen your sword and build your walls high, for the monsters come calling when the moon is nigh.

About Us
Our server utilizes Civcraft server plugin in order to create an Civilization building experience along with all aspects of a 4x game (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate). This allows you to play the game in a variety of ways, ranging from kingdom creation and declaring war to simply building a home and surviving the Yobo hordes. We strive to make your Minecraft experience as enjoyable as possible using several grief-prevention and item-protection mods. We provide 24/7 hosting and have a dedicated team of admins to respond to issues as soon as possible.

Civcraft Features

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