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Swords of Justice


[center][b][u]Swords of Justice[/u][/b]
[b]Welcome & Thank you for taking the time to read our post.
I am Quakthorn, one of the two owners who run Swords of Justice.
We at SoJ, as we call it, strive for perfection.
As it is impossible to become perfect, it becomes an endless mission to become bigger, better and more enjoyable to our players.
We tirelessly seek out new ways to make our players feel like SoJ is a second home to them.[/b]

[b][i]Below is the current features we offer on SoJ
[/i]~New features always being added~

[/b][/center][list][][b]A Completely Custom Level 10 Shiny Starter List to Choose From[/b][/][][b]Our Spawn is located in The End Dimension[/b][/][][b]Warps to All Types of Biomes[/b][/][][b]Running the Lastest Version of Pixelmon[/b][/][][b]Wondertrade[/b][/][][b]EV-IV Checker[/b][/][][b]Player Driven Economy[/b][/][][b]Player Ran Gyms[/b][/][][b]All Administration Team Members have several years of experience[/b][/][][b]Land Protection[/b][/][][b]Free Shiny Lucky Crate to the Top Voter each month[/b][/][][b]Donor Perks[/b][/][][b]Custom Mods & Plugins[/b][/][][b]Bird Shrines Enabled[/b][/][][b]Cloning Machine Enabled[/b][/][][b]All Available Pokemon Naturally Spawn[/b][/][][b]Free Roam Building Allowed[/b][/][][b]Slot Machines[/b][/][][b]Extremely Active Staff Team[/b][/][][b]Legendary Breeding Enabled[/b][/][/list][b]We would like to thank you for your time and hope to see you soon!
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres & Mewtwo only available at Shrines/Cloning
Allow at least 100 blocks from any Warp Points

[u]BONUS[/u]: Post a Review about our server right here at PixelmonList to receive a Level 20 Porygon to join your party.

Contact Quakthorn In-Game to recieve your Review Gift![/b]

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