This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BlackIntel Tekkit


Hey Minecrafters!

We are a non-whitelisted server with a friendly (but, trollish) staff, trying to help whenever possible.

We do have a small handful banned items (WE DID NOT BAN EE!), and quarries are limited to 1 per person.(items for crafting required)
The items banned are mostly grief heavy, exploitable items or items which greatly increase server lag (those are mostly limited though) which allows all players to play at peace

If you think an item is unrightfully banned or need a banned item and can show it is for a legit reason, you can always ask one of the admins about it.

At this point, the server is administrated by five admins:



trev1234(Head Admin)

jj889910 (Admin)

We have two moderators who are:

We currently have no need for any moderators at this time, so please do not ask.

Just read the computers at spawn and you are free to start playing!
It is a non-griefing, non-pvp server, non-raid server.

Remember to Vote!!! here, and Here to get up to 4000 ingame cash!

We hope you enjoy your stay and are happy to help you!

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