This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A new Factions/PvP server made by Kingtwisted.

This server has many plugins installed that will ensure you have a good PvP experience on our server. It comes with the factions plugin so you can team up with others and pvp or raid! To ensure fair and fun pvp we have disabled enderpearls in combat, this means that there's no running away in pvp! As well as that we have enderpearl cooldown to ensure glitching is as hard to do as possible. Unlike most faction servers, you can open enemies chests, even when they have blocks over them... This will allow you to raid with ease, even if you cannot over claim their land. You no longer have to destroy the blocks above chest whilst raiding, now all you have to do is make a breach and the loot will be yours!

We have a long staff acceptance process on our server that requires an interview with the Owner. This ensures that we are providing the best staff we deem fit for helping the server. This will hopefully mean that you guys wanting to play will like the staff we have on our server and strive to maybe achieve the role yourself. Our staff are the ones who are doing their best to make the server a hacker free, fun community to play in. In return all we ask is that you show them common courtesy, even if you do have an issue with the staff.

We hope you have a pleasant experience on our server. All we want is for you to have fun. If you have any issues ingame or on the forums be sure to ask any of our staff!! They're here to help you guys.

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