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The Box

The Box!



On the box, players start in a spawn hub-type world, where there is a spawn town and shops available, and more to come in the future. From here, players can enter the Survival/PVP world, or if they are a website Member, the Creative world. The main focus of our server is the Survival/PVP world, featuring clans, residence, mcMMO, and much more. The Creative world is added as a fun expansion if players don't feel like playing survival at the moment.

    What makes us different?

I suppose you're wondering how we got the name 'The Box.' We decided we wanted to do something a little different with our server, so we decided to place a bedrock box somewhere in the survival world. This box allows only allows one player to enter, and when they do, the staff will be notified. On the inside, there are a few chests with a bunch of good prizes inside! The box is reset each time a player finds it.

    We are focused on having a friendly playerbase that is willing to play with or against each other. Our server has clans, residence, and McMMO. These plugins will give players a basic RPG experience while still having the survival/PVP/sandbox feel of minecraft. We also have a creative world available for website members.

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