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Atlantica - Modded.MC.Atlantica.US:25765


Atlantica (Custom Modpack) - Modded.MC.Atlantica.US:25765
Open to everyone, no world resets, few banned items, GriefPrevention plugin.
Simple rules: No griefing, No item duplication, and No PVP unless agreed to prior.

Install instructions are here:

Currently running my own modpack with the following mods:
BattleGear, Applied Energistics 2, BigReactors, BiomesOPlenty, Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel2, DenseOres, Enchanting Plus, EnderIO, EnderStorage, EnderTech, ExtraUtilities, IronChest, JABBA, MineFactoryReloaded, NEI, NetherOres, OpenBlocks, OptiFine, Practicalities, RandomThings, RedstoneArsenal, RotateableBlocks, SolarExpansion, SolarFlux, SpecialMobs, Thaumcraft, ThaumicEnergistics, ThaumicExpansion, ThaumicExploration, ThaumicTinkerer, ThermalDynamics, ThermalExpansion, ThermalFoundation, Twilight Forest, Waila, WeaponMod, ZyinsHUD.

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