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Custom Biomes, trees, terrain and generation

About the server:

This is one of the cleanest and nicest RPG servers you'll ever come across, and the good thing about it, is that we're not fully done, so updates come everyday. So, the server isn't fully done? Why is that good? Well, it creates more and more fun for players because new updates and content makes it more entertaining and not boring for players! We are a RPG type server with tons of cool plugins like quests, skills. It's set to hard mode and natural regeneration is set to false. It's hard but very rewarding and the server will almost never get boring. We also have custom biomes. New trees, new civilization, buildings, ruins are generated in biomes, and new physics to the game have been added such as farming. Now planting crops and crop growth depends on biome temperature, climate, weather, etc... Overall, the server will definitely not disappoint you!

Features/Big things:

Some pretty awesome features to this unique server are some of the new physics like I said before, farming. Climate and temperature of each biome controls crop growth. Also, we have custiom biomes, original ones too with new trees, terrain and generation. Skills are also available to players. (example: Archery, Woodcutting, Fishing) and spells, out of the many things, can be rewarded by completing quests! Quests is a huge deal and took very long.

  • Over 50 unique quests to complete (100 more are coming soon)

  • Skills

  • Custom Biomes

  • Spells

  • No Lag

  • Great Staff

  • RPG

  • Markets

  • Over 100+ different styled NPC's to interact with

  • Trading

  • Duelling

  • Donation Website

  • New updates everyday and a great server overall

Visit our store:

(Buy cool perks/pets/commands/accessories/& tons more!)
(We need donations to keep the server running. Donations are much appreciated and there are plenty of rewards to get from it)

This is the indev version of the server (First version) so if you find bugs or glitches, contact the staff and we'll get to work on it straight away!

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