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Abandoned SoulsCraft is a raiding server. You can Steal, Kill, or Grief. We have a few rules and hardly any zoned areas. Really, anything goes here. It is best to team up versus being alone. Once you're outside of the fenced spawn, the survival beings. We promote and encourage players to PvP and group up. We have a simple ranking system that shows how long you have been playing and who you are in the server. We also have a 24/7 Lagg Free VPS :).

~The Ranks: (Starting from bottom) Peasant, Serf, Townsperson, Knight, Vassal, Lord, King.

~We added Arenas! Care to have an organized 1v1? Type /warp arena1 or /warp arena2. Care to watch? Type /warp view1 or /warp view2.

~We have a few selected plugins that help the admins maintain the server and its players. Here's a list of the plugins: Essentials (Core Package), GroupManager, Vanish, TreeAssist, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.

~We are open to suggestions, in-game and plugins wise. If you have a suggestion, don't be shy :), talk to Wintendo in-game.

~Abandoned SoulsCraft is being managed by Wintendo (Owner) and some friendly players :).

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