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Canuck Craft



Welcome to Canuck Craft, a Canadian based Minecraft server with extensive features, active staff and much much more.

We here at Team Canuck Craft believe in doing things differently, and doing them correctly and we'd like to a take a minute just sit right there, we'll tell you how we do things differently.

The main world is a blend of Survival-PVE and PVP wrapped around highly modified MCMMO with events, monsters, bosses, arenas and much more. The main worlds are highly protected with grief prevention. This world is the main connection to the rest of the game, the rest of the worlds that exist. An interesting world we implemented is called Griefers Paradise, and honestly... It's awesome. Weekly the main world of Dreata is loaded into Griefers Paradise which allows players to go in, and destroy the world they just made, the cities.... Everything. We love that, and giving you guys the ability to do it without destroying the real world is great! So our worlds are listed below. Every world is also limited in size.

Dreata - Main world which is based mainly in MCMMO and Survival PVE-PVP blend. Protected regions and cities, and areas where you can PVP as well as Sign Shops, PVP arenas, Events, NPCs and quests which are available. The world has connection points and warp points to other worlds. You can claim land, buy claimed land inside cities and other various anti-griefing features.

Griefers Paradise - Loaded directly from Dreata weekly, destroy and have fun guys. Free TNT and inventory switching helps keep this fair, fun and safe.

Factions - We implemented factions in two ways, you can fully use most of factions, but for the buildings and claiming of land that only occurs withing the faction realm of the server. A rendered map made for factions specifically. You can war outside this main world, fully experience factions, and in this world war for prevalence.

Hunger Games - Simliar to Factions world, hunger games are a set of very small worlds dedicated entirely to hunger games. They are custom arenas that people may join.

Nether - The nether had to be limited, but has changed entirely. Surviving the nether is now... Much more difficult then before. Loot drops and such in the nether are much better now however.

Features are extensive, ranging from Sign Shops to buy blocks, NPCs to get information, Quests(TBA), Bosses to fight, Custimized monsters, Grief Prevention to protect yourself, Factions for clans and war PVP, Arenas, Mob Arenas

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