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Welcome to Pancake Factions!

We are a new Faction PvP server. What makes us different? Our community. That's our main focus. We strive each and every day to create a better minecraft community where everyone can make friends and have fun. We have recently opened after spending many weeks preparing our server. We aim to create an environment where players new to multiplayer or minecraft as a whole can enjoy learning to play while making friends, while allowing experienced players to have a spot where they can join and have some fun!

Our Environment- How do we make sure it is safe?

It seems that these days, servers are always being victimized by people who break its rules and aim to attack it and its community. We have a number of defensive measures to make sure that our server is well-prepared and defended from such an attack. We have protection in many forms, including the following. We use a very effective Anti-XRay plugin to combat the use of this mod and make it impossible for someone to use it effectively on our server, keeping both our server's economy and players in check. We also maintain a highly efficient server chat regulation system, which will block messages as well as alert players when any kind of the following is detected (According to the server rules.): Excessive use of caps (Defined as nearly all of a message, but not less than 10 per message), swearing or innapropriate language, advertising either a server or a website, or spamming (As defined as flooding a message very quickly). Obviously the system is not perfect, and you will not be banned if it detects a violation, it will only give you a warning and tell you what was detected. If there is a problem wioth it or if it repeatedly wrongly detects a violation, you will not be punsished and we will make an effort to make sure the problem does not continue. We run a very highly effective Anti-Hack plugin that will stop all hacked clients from being used on the server, keeping us safe from unfair hackers. We have a protection plugin where you can protect items with the use of a sign, and keep them from being raided.

Our Community- How can I be a part of it?

Well how to start would be joining the server! Our server runs a website that you can use for everything you could need off server- you can reach it at Other than that, just joining us is the biggest part! Make some friends, have some fun, and keep our server headed in the right direction.

Does your server have donation perks? How can I get them?

Our server allows and encourages users who find it to be fun to donate to keep it running. Our server promises that 100% of all donations will go toward keeping the server up and running for time to come. It is unnessecary to donate and you can still play and enjoy the server limitlessly without spending a penny, though it is much appreciated and you will be rewarded for making the choice to do so. However, we are not a pay to win server, and do not provide donators with insane privledges. You get rewards, but you will not be given excessive server power.

How can I be sure your server is fun?

Our server is fun and we like to make sure that will never change! It is for this reason we have many fun and useful plugins to give our game a twist. One notable feature is that upon death, a certain percentage of your inventory is dropped, and some survives your respawning. This is to avoid all your items being destroyed by falling in lava while mining, yet not making the game too easy. We also feature a prominent XP banking system, so you can store your XP gained from a hard day of fighting mobs for later use. We use the popular plugin McMMO to give our game a fun realistic twist. Improve your abilities through practice, and you will be rewarded! Another notable feature is our virtual horse stable and managment system. You can store a certain amount of horses in your virtual stable and call them at will. This is in place to prevent the popular form of grief of letting horses roam free, as this can not be undone.

What type of server are you?

We are a mainly Faction and PvP (Player Versus Player) server, and we allow combat both in our designated PvP arenas, and in the wild. We are also an economy server, featuring the popular "ChestShop" plugin. This allows players to sell items quickly and efficiently, more so than the traditional /sell command. Our server, in essence, tries to provide the most professional yet fun community playing experience for all of our players.

Are the owners and staff immature or abusive?

Absolutely not. We are a professional server and take the efficiency of our staff very seriously. You will never be unjustly banned or banned without warning, unless you clearly violate the rules you agreed to by joining our server. If you are unfairly banned or believe so, we encourage you to make an appeal on our website and we will respond to it as soon as possible and try to resolve any conflicts arisen.

Do you need to hire any staff?

You may, at any time during your stay on our server, apply for staff through our website. You will not, under any circumstance, be given a staff rank immediately after joining, nor will you be permitted to apply in-game. We are always looking for that right person to add to our team, and if you prove yourself and have made an application, you will be chosen. You must show qualities that will make us want to hire you, and be dedicated to the server.

Will I be rewarded for advertising your server?

We do not have any of the following in place on our server, and no future plans to. This includes advertising ranks or bundles. For those who wish to advertise our server, we would greatly appreciate it and it may earn you extra respect and consideration for a staff position, but the following rule is HEAVILY enforced and no exceptions will be tolerated. Do not advertise our server by spamming it on another one. We greatly frown upon this act as it ruins our reputation as a professional server.

Our server is focused on the players, and we take their opinions seriously. If you have a problem, complaint or suggestion, post it on our website and we will reply to it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Thank you, have a nice day, and we hope to see you on the server!

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