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Welcome to Vitriolic PVP. We are a faction server with a competent, smart and dedicated staff team. What makes this server so great? We have one of the best anticheats in the book, making sure hackers won't disrupt your PVP experience. There is also free meat and enchanting at spawn. Now, most servers like this are called op, or overpowered servers, which means prot 4 and stuff comes left and right, but here, no, you must work for goods, which makes pvp more fun. Why? Because a two hour pvp with two stacks of OP apples isn't fun, and when you have all that, the game just gets boring and makes you want to leave. But here, heck no, you will want to stay. We have kind staff who will help you when you need it, nice players and lots of plugins to help make your experience more fun.

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