This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to DivinityCraft
1.) Raiding is allowed
2.) Cursing is allowed
3.) Spawn killing is allowed
4.) Over claiming is allowed THIS IS A FACTION SERVER!
5.) PVP Is allowed, Raiding is defined as taking items from walls or chests for the benefit of your faction.
6.) Griefing is not allowed
7.) Flaming is not allowed
9.) Duping is not allowed
10.) Hacking is not permitted
11.) Spamming is not allowed

VIP: Priced at 10$

  • /kit firework
  • /kit Dtools
  • Set 3 homes
  • /kit dimonda (yes the 'a' is supposed to be there) gives diamond armor
  • able to keep xp on death
  • also be able to do /vault which is a portable enderchest you can store stuff.

VIP+: Priced at 40$

  • /nick
  • be able to change the color of your nickname
  • /realname
  • /ext (extinguishes yourself from fire)
  • /tpaall
  • Set 5 homes
  • /kit raid (diamond armor with protection 2 and thorns 1 on all armor pieces)
  • be able to have 3 vaults
  • Plus all of perks from VIP

GOD: Priced at 75$

  • /fly
  • /kit god (protection 5 and thorns 5 diamond armor on all pieces of armor)
  • also keep xp on death
  • Have pets!!!! even a pet wither!!!

Ender: 50$

  • Be able to have a blaze rod and cast spells such as:
  • Cast thunder upon people
  • Shoot a fireball (ball of fire)
  • Dark pulse (shoots a block of tnt and some sick particles)
  • Teleport ( be able to teleport to whatever spot you want)
  • Theres a lot more!!

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