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FinalScoreMC | A Community Server


FinalScoreMC is a community server established in February of 2011. It's primarily survival but with a growing list of custom-made games.

Knights of the Golden Dawn

There are 4 main survival worlds, some from as far back as 2011. There's a number of custom tweaks for survival (eg. intuitive armorstand posing, horse info & protection, infinite cauldrons, etc). There is a temporary world that gets reset every so often for resources, loot and adventure. It's generated uniquely every time.

Omega Gate

In our Park world, we have tons of games including versions of SlimeyGolf, Snake, a massive class-based PvP game called Showdown, dozens of parkour courses and puzzles with leaderboards and rewards, SkyPirates, CubeClimber, FrogWare, Seven Seconds to Live, and more. All of this is made with thousands of lines of custom code and hundreds of original builds.

Duck Hunt

In addition to all that, we have a separate development world where we can collaborate on future games and attractions in the park.

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