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Join our friendly community now and have a damn good time.
With over a 100 plugins we are sure to deliver you
that unique experience you are looking for.
Come in to find out for yourself!

Some of the things we have to offer:
Server never resets and is always online (even when Mojang servers are down)
A massive and forever expanding world (Dynmap:
Only PvP when you want to, turn it on and off whenever you like
More than 100 plugins, offering you a unique experience with our 'special sauce'
Gameplay enhancements: auto sorting, editable signs, 'CoD-style' health, etc.
Whole new sets of custom and exciting enchants, weapons and armor
Minigames (Skyblock, Hunger Games, Spleef, etc.) for those times you are bored
No hackers online due to our advanced Anti-Cheat system

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