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FantasyRealms Factions

FantasyRealms Factions



As you guessed by the title, you should be aware we're Factions. We've made many surprising and on the spot major updates over the past 6 months of uptime, to keep new ideas coming in and the people (you guys) of Our Server entertained. This might be a preview of your experience, however joining us gives you on demand access to support and feature explanation. Heading on over to will give you more insight, too. We're about to make a fully fledged section of the website dedicated to everything that isn't of the normal Minecraft world!

If that snippet isn't enough to entice you, as you see in our Banner, you can see "Custom/Mythic Mobs". Yes, we have Custom mobs, they are derived from the base mobs (Zombies, Skeletons, etc) however we have many more options available to us interms of editing them. Take making these Mobs with Command Blocks, and putting it into a configuration file! It's easy for us to take requests for mobs and ideas that I couldn't have imagined. Let us know over at the Forums for your ideas and suggestions. Here's the link!

Lastly, as much as every Server says "Friendly Staff" (and practically 95% of those aren't, being a Minecraft player for nearly 3 1/2 years myself, I know this is fact) and they try to stick to that, some succeed, others don't, however; our goals as a server prioritise your experience over ours and how we'll benefit from this server. Your goals, suggestions, builds, ideas, experiences, and more, are one of our top priorities at Fantasy. For the past 8 months that's been our goal, and we haven't failed to deliver. If you're after a server where you'll be warm and welcomed, we're for you. I, personally, will skype our users, talk with them, have a chat, try to be as much of a legitimate player myself while hearing all of your ideas!

I don't want to bore you, but here goes: We have a major feature list which is dived into more as you explore the world, but the striking features will include smooth amplified terrain (no lag, to server knowledge, when rendering new chunks while exploring), Factions and barbaric landscapes, Stats to level up your player, Mobs adapting to their environments, becoming more aggressive and powerful than ever before, plowing through every player on the server if left untamed! Auctions where you can can auction your unwanted items in exchange for some short hand money. The Market is very limited in supplies since the Spawn is based off a dwarven theme and they love gathering their own resources! A refreshing mine hourly to restock on much needed supplies, Gold, Diamond, Iron, and more! There's tonnes more to experience here, so, honestly, you might be missing out if you skip us for another server. Come on and join us, take a sneak peek into the action, and let us know what you want to see!

Plugins installed on server: Too many to count, but let's list a few: MythicMobs (Buffed mobs, in a nutshell), Factions (Band together against other users and Mobs in a harsh environment), McMMO (Level up your Character with different skill sets, we've tried to make it so you can only focus on one before you branch off), floAuction (Auction of unneeded items!). The is a big list, and there are a lot of expansive features, and they are all customized based on your suggestions and input.

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