This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Democraft Factions

Owners: Bygadsir37 Stefan2243 IME0W

Ranks: 1st:Supporter 2nd:Vip 3rd:Angel 4th:Demon 5th:Demi_God 6th:Zeus 7th:Hades 8th:God

Factions Griefing Allowed Pvp Allowed

Rules: 1st:No Spamming 2nd:No Swearing/Cursing 3rd:No Hacking Any Kind 4th

Cheap Prices In The Shop

YouTubers On The Server: Bygadsir37 Stefan2243 IME0W Zakikhan786 Calebk123456(FrozonApple) kongurinn313 Sonicgx3(TheRunAwayStudents) KingAdam85

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